Boston Wedding Group Wedding

February 24th, 2014
















This beautiful couple used the Boston Wedding Group as a resource for their planning.  We worked with industry professionals like Marrero Events, Wedding Tresses and DJ Raffi.    Photo credit Michael Paul Photography

New England Weddings

June 4th, 2013

Top 5 Elements of a Classic New England Wedding

New England is known for its sandy shores, preppy persona, inaudible “R’s,” and things like ‘lobstah’ and ‘chowdah.’ So how do brides incorporate the beloved New England charm in their wedding day? Here is a short list of the top 5 elements we find in weddings today that scream ‘hello New England!’

1. Seashells

Suzy not only sells seashells by the seashore, she also scatters then around tables, ties them on vases, & uses them for boutonnieres. Well I guess it’s not only Suzy, many New England brides incorporate seashells and starfish into their nuptials. As a majority of New England borders the sea, seashells are an obvious local touch that we think will never go out of vogue. They are a natural element that can be utilized in a variety of ways as well as showcase the natural beauty of the sea.


2. Navy

Whether its navy bridesmaids dresses, bow ties, shoes, or ribbon navy is a popular color for the classic New England wedding. Is it the frigid Atlantic that inspires us? Or the color of our lips after a nice long dip in its rippling waters? Nevertheless this majestic color is a sure wedding winner! Whether it’s navy & pink, navy & green, navy & red, navy & yellow, navy & white, ohh the list could go it is!


3. Hydrangea

Drive down any road on any day during the summer and you will be sure to see the big blue clusters of these quintessential New England flowers outside of every house & cottage along the way. From the yard to the bouquet and table, hydrangeas stir up summer dreams of Cape Cod cookouts and classic summer parties. Hydrangeas have indefinite possibility; casual or luxuriously chic. They are a beautiful flower and textural touch to any wedding.


4. Beach

Just like seashells, beach weddings and photo sessions take advantage of our scenic New England landscape. What’s a summer wedding without the sand beneath your toes, the romantic murmur of crashing waves, and the orange flecks of a distant sunset?.. Oh, hate the sticky sand in your shoes and seagulls crying through your vows? New Englanders do it best by bringing the beach to their wedding. Simple touches like sand filled vases & beach grass florals are beachy keen while remaining beachy clean.


5. Monograms

Monograms are a great way to personalize your wedding day. Boast your new initials on the wedding cake, favors, and surrounding decor. They are a preppy touch that can still exude your personal style. Monograms come in a variety of designs whether they be traditional, circular, whimsical, or floral. They exemplify the new and exciting union of the bride and groom!



April Showers brought us May Flowers!

May 9th, 2013

Spring is in the air! At Artistic Blossoms we are always inspired by the mossy growths and tender blossoms that peek out as New England defrosts. Healthy greens and muted tones are always a subtle yet sophisticated element of springtime weddings and events.

Enjoy some of our Spring-y inspirations for a taste of what’s to come!




painted light photo
michael sparks keegan  photo
aodell_120908-164 (ZF-8353-31793-1-003)
painted light photo

A Party They Won’t Forget!

May 2nd, 2013

Party People! Calling all partyyy people!

So I know after your big shindig last year guests wouldn’t stop talking about the signature cocktails, the amazing music, and the food ohhh those hors devours were just sublime! But, I need to ask… what about the flowers?!

Yes, the flowers may seem like just a detail but they are an important detail just like your signature mochatinis and that band you flew in from NYC. Okay, maybe my dream of flying in bands is a little excessive… nevertheless flowers are the cohesive element to any event large or small. Whether its the intimate cluster of blossoms on the dining table or an extravagant couture tablescape, guests will be sure to notice. Flowers add aesthetic to the party environment; lush and natural.




Forget favors, flowers can be used twofold as a focal point for the party as well as a parting gift for your guests. A beautiful centerpiece that they can take home to their table will keep the memories of your successful bash fresh on their minds. So get on your party planning shoes, round up some custom details, and don’t forget to call Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio!


A Rustic Succulent Wedding- 9.8.2012

October 29th, 2012

A fall day. Sweet love. Wildflowers.

A beautiful equation for nuptials, no?  This September wedding at the Red Lion Inn in Cohasset was just that, beautiful. Scratch that, it was simply gorgeous; a Thistles-bursting-with-blue and cattails-blowing-in-the-wind type of gorgeous.

The flowers were a perfect compliment to the rustic Red Lion Inn in Cohasset. Warmly exposed barn beams were accentuated by cool earthy tones in the flowers, electrified with hints of fuchsia. The bouquets had a wild, natural feel that played with color and texture.

With the deep greens, mustardy yellows, hushed pink, and peacock blue my eyes are in color heaven. The flowers hint to a mossy, fern covered forest, the sun trickling down through fragmented leaves. Ohh how this wedding gets me in a fall kind of mood. Just a woodland dream! –A mix between romance and mother nature.






Oh and these fabulous photographs? Compliments to one of our favorites, Ashely O’Dell Photography!

Artistic Blossoms Archives: Pop of Color

August 23rd, 2012

An Intimate Home Celebration (with Color!) on the South Shore

Chris & Greg, 11.3.07

Finding Inspiration in Artistic Blossoms’ Wedding Archives

Today at Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio we’ve decided to take a peek into our past weddings and events. So we thought we would share with you one of our favorite finds, a local South Shore wedding celebration with vivid and spicy colors that will be sure to warm up some wedding inspiration.

Who says brides have to wear white? With a gauzy vermilion number, our bride was a show-stopper! To top it off her bridal bouquet with golden honey, scarlet, cinnamon, indigo, and copper tones was the perfect compliment to her radiant look.

…And our delicious color journey does not stop there! Sneak a look at Kelly’s fabulous florals throughout the event. Talk about color! From cadmium yellow to cobalt, from electric fuchsia to chartreuse, this wedding was all about graphic glamour.




(photos by eric laurits)

Fabulous Florals: Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio

Phenomenal Photography: Eric Laurits Photography

Tasty Tribute: The Catered Affair


I’m Dreaming of a White Wedding…

August 3rd, 2012

A Monochromatic Marriage at the BPL

Grace & Louie –  7.29.2012 – the Boston Public Library

For all my color lovers out there, I know, I know, I love it too… Give me deep jewel tones or flashy neons any day! But, I have to admit if done correctly a single colored wedding inspiration can = monochromatic m-a-g-i-c! For this wedding with the Catered Affair at the Boston Public Library white was our go-to color. White?! you ask, Monochromatic white?!  All I can say is hold on for the ride, this is not some whitewashed washout (say that 10 times fast)! Here’s a tip: When limiting col

or, augment texture. By amping up the texture of the bouquets and centerpieces through variegating blossoms, you create optical depth. Therefore, the mix of blossoms gives intrigue for the eye.

For this Boston wedding, we used the texturally rich white hydrangea & lush phalaenopsis orchids for the high centerpieces. Hanging crystals added a glamorous finish to the overall look. For the brides & bridesmaids’ bouquets we used hydrangea, gardenia, lisianthus, and white astilbe. Simple elegance!

To top it all off, the reception was held in the Boston Public Library’s Courtyard Restaurant with its hazy grey walls and muted blue ceiling. Black and white architectural photos found around the room added to the serene yet structural opulence. Overall, the monochromatic whites and sparkling crystal made us forget ‘color’ and never look back!






From Start to Finish- Behind the Scenes of a South Shore Wedding

July 13th, 2012

Following Artistic Blossoms from their Studio to the Event

South Shore Wedding ,The Villa at Ridder Country Club

Wedding planning is all about vision. Nothing is truly set in stone until the day-of when each element comes together to form a once in a lifetime celebration. One of our favorite things at Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio is when a wedding is transformed from vision into reality. The process of selecting blossoms, arranging them, and ultimately placing them at the event is a truly unique opportunity to experience each wedding behind the scenes. Bouquets transform when they pass from Kelly’s hand to the bride’s.  Centerpieces are that much more radiant when they are placed on each table.

So join us in a sneak peek of Artistic Blossoms’ behind the scenes and watch with your own eyes as the wedding flowers transform from delightful to spectacular!

Once upon a time at our South Shore Design Studio…

       floral designer, Camille adds finishing touches to a bridesmaid’s bouquet

                                         testing out our color palette
        Kelly with the Bridal Bouquet                        Flowers neatly packed in the van

                                                      It’s time to deliver!

Wedding, Wedding here we come!


Elegant Bridal bouquet of Calla Lilies                         Gorgeous Bridesmaids’ Bouquets


       Mixed High & Low Centerpieces for a Romantic yet Glamorous feel

Rose & Aubergine color palette sets the tone for this romantic wedding celebration.

Wedding Photos by Bharat Parmar

US Navy, Military Wedding

July 9th, 2012

Elegant Nuptials with Patriotic Detail

Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio creates a Military Wedding with charm

As the 4th of July parties start to die down, the fireworks fade, and everyone gets back into their usual work schedules we would like to again thank the service men and women who make our Independence Day just so independent. We would also like to congratulate our bride and groom today on their gorgeous military wedding at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston!

Inspired by the groom’s service in the Navy, the flowers had a refined nautical feel. Small touches like Navy medals on the centerpieces and navy and white grosgrain ribbon on the boutonnieres added a creative and personalized touch to the event. The scarlet & navy color palette was patriotic and charming, for an overall gorgeous wedding!





To spread our appreciation and thanks to the service men and women who protect our country everyday, Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio offers a 10% discount for military brides and grooms.


Boston Wedding Flowers- June 2012, Boston Public Library

June 29th, 2012

Congratulations Alison & Brian!

This past weekend we had a beautiful wedding for a fabulous Boston bride! We had so much fun working with Alison and designing her wedding flowers at the Boston Public Library! We always love working with the Catered Affair at the Boston Public Library! The Boston Public Library (“BPL”) is one of our favorite wedding venues with its grand lion statues and opulent rooms. To augment the opulence of the space Kelly and Alison chose a romantic summer color palette of coral, apricot, white, and green and used an array of texturally rich flowers like peonies, hydrangeas, and roses to make a floral statement. From the mixed high and low centerpieces in the Popular Reading Room, to the grand ceremony pieces in the Abbey Room, and glowing cocktail pieces in the Chavannes Gallery, this Boston wedding was truly stunning!





Kelly loves being a floral designer; artistically creating stunning floral works that transform ordinary into extraordinary. As a Boston wedding florist she is able to bring this artistic ability into the already stunning spaces of Boston like the Boston Public Library, and make each wedding so much more spectacular!