What We're Thankful for this Thanksgiving

Eric Laurits Photography

Eric Laurits Photography

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Artistic Blossoms team thought we'd share with you what we are all thankful for! 

1. We are thankful for our clients- who share their special days and occasions with us. We are so honored to take part in making their visions come to life.

2. We are thankful for our industry friends- you make working in this industry such a fun and exciting place. We are so happy to be able to call our professional colleagues, friends, too!

3. We are thankful to those many clients that refer us- there is no greater compliment! We love to do the weddings and events of sisters, friends, cousins, brothers, neighbors etc. It is great to watch a family grow!

4. We are thankful for our floral and product providers- who allow us the unique ability to special order and hand select our floral product and hard goods every week.

5. We are thankful to work in the New England area, with its rich history as well as all four seasons that give us variety of product and aesthetic.

6. We are thankful for the earth and her bountiful beauty. Everyday we get to harness, share, and enjoy the fruits of the earth. We are so humbled to be able to explore the majesty of flowers.

7. And finally, we are thankful for family- because everyday we get to do what we love, alongside those we love. And that is the greatest gift of all.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May you enjoy this holiday doing what you are thankful for, with those who you are thankful for! 

When Harry Met Sallie...

When you come visit our AB South Shore studio, you will find all things wedding and event related-- canvas prints of our portfolio, unique vases & rental decor, and too many bridal magazines to count..! What you may not notice is a small, framed marriage license hanging amongst the photos of our work. 

It hangs there pretty indiscreetly with its lightly scrolled and faintly stained countenance, yet it holds a sense of marvel for our AB team. A gift from a friend who happened upon it in a vintage shop, the marriage license is a novel remnant of a marriage from 1893. One hundred and twenty-one years later, and the document that bound two loves together is still intact! 

What's even more delightful about this marriage license is who got married: one, 'Harry Murray' to one, 'Sallie Miller.' We think it is so fun that Harry met Sallie... and they married!

I'm sure Harry and Sallie's romance was a bit different than the famed 1989 When Harry met Sally movie (25 years ago?!), but still what fun! I wonder what flowers Sallie carried on her wedding day...?!

'From this Day Forward' Improper Bostonian Feature

As much as we love designing for our wedding and event clients, we also have a lot of fun working on photoshoots and editorials! They give us an opportunity to play with fresh ideas for the season and give light on upcoming trends.

When the Improper Bostonian came to us to design for their latest wedding feature, we were delighted to spread the floral love with some of our designs! An extra treat was to work with our industry friends like photographer extraordinaire Katie Noble, party rental company Be Our Guest, and caterer, the Catered Affair at the Boston Public Library.

This shoot focused on bringing 'something new' into your wedding fashion. Weddings are steeped in tradition, yet they can be a fun place to mix in modern, edgy twists that will give tradition a new face.

For flowers, try unconventional bouquets shapes, exotic flowers, or unique hits of color to freshen your floral look.

To see the full feature pick up a copy of the Improper Bostonian this week! Or check out some looks at: 'From this Day Forward.'

Welcome to Our New & Improved Site!

Artistic Blossoms' New Website

For the past few months we have been working diligently to create our new website! We are so happy about the results and we hope you like it too! This new website features bolder images, an updated and more accessible portfolio, as well as fun insights into who we are as a company. 

Over Artistic Blossom's 28 years in the wedding and event industry we have surely evolved many times with the changing tastes and styles. As a company that started in the perm and puffy-sleeved 1980's we probably never dreamed of a website never mind an Artistic Blossom's Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! But here we are 2014! And we have a new website to prove it!

So take a peek, look around, and don't forget to tell us what you think!

Artistic Blossom's Old Website

Artistic Blossom's Old Website

Artistic Blossom's New & Improved Website!

Artistic Blossom's New & Improved Website!

New Feautures:

Updated Portfolio with Clickable Images:

Browse through our wedding and event portfolios at your own pace, per event. Click into our gallery blocks to open a click-through slideshow of enlarged images.

Updated & Personalized AB Profiles:

Learn more about our AB team by clicking through their profile pages. Ever wondered what a floral designer's favorite flower is? Find out on any of our AB Team's profiles!

New FAQ Page:

Want to learn why we do what we do or what sets us apart in our industry? Check out our new FAQ page to find quick answers to the big questions.

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