What Makes Our Team Special

During wedding season, every weekend our team is delivering incredible service and design to our clients. We are all fortunate at Artistic Blossoms to truly love what we do and we have fun doing it. We dance while we design, listen to good music, chat about our summers, and just down-right love working with each other.

Along with flowers many of us have other passions and hobbies. Patrick owns his own massage and wellness center, Kelly is an artist and glassblower, Camille is an avid sportsfan, Erin works with animals, and Victoria is an aspiring installation artist. Our variety of skills and interests meld together to create a cohesive whole, channeling all of our passions through the flowers. We never know which skill we might need to use next in an industry that is ever-evolving and bringing fresh challenges.

A prime example of this, is our amazing wedding this past weekend at the Boston Public Library. After working for months on a specialized design plan, pre-ordering all of the glassware and flowers, two days before the wedding the glassware failed to ship-in after being continually backordered. There was nothing to do except move forward with our design plan, so using her formal art experience Victoria hand gilded and painted new glass containers for this wedding. Looking identical to what we had pre-ordered, the arrangements looked amazing and the event went off without a hitch.

Whether we have to hand paint your vase-ware, custom build a chuppah, or personally select each blossom, Artistic Blossoms is committed to seeing your vision through with professionalism, skill, and whole lot of passion!

EMAIL:   kelly@artisticblossoms.com   |   PHONE:   781.837.6251   |   LOCATE:  Private Studio Marshfield, MA  &  162 Newbury St. Boston, MA   copyright 2018. all rights reserved.    (background photo by Ashley O'Dell Photography)