When Harry Met Sallie...

When you come visit our AB South Shore studio, you will find all things wedding and event related-- canvas prints of our portfolio, unique vases & rental decor, and too many bridal magazines to count..! What you may not notice is a small, framed marriage license hanging amongst the photos of our work. 

It hangs there pretty indiscreetly with its lightly scrolled and faintly stained countenance, yet it holds a sense of marvel for our AB team. A gift from a friend who happened upon it in a vintage shop, the marriage license is a novel remnant of a marriage from 1893. One hundred and twenty-one years later, and the document that bound two loves together is still intact! 

What's even more delightful about this marriage license is who got married: one, 'Harry Murray' to one, 'Sallie Miller.' We think it is so fun that Harry met Sallie... and they married!

I'm sure Harry and Sallie's romance was a bit different than the famed 1989 When Harry met Sally movie (25 years ago?!), but still what fun! I wonder what flowers Sallie carried on her wedding day...?!

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