Ceremony Looks We Love

Here’s a list of I-Do inspiration! Every wedding ceremony marks the place of a union, so no matter where you choose to get married or how you choose to decorate it, it will be a space filled with love and beauty. Whether simple or dramatic, enjoy the process of designing and planning the space where two become one.

  1. Elegant & Dramatic Floral Wall

Corinna Raznikov Photography

Corinna Raznikov Photography

2. Modern Greens & Metallics

Person & Killian Photography

Person & Killian Photography

3. Classic Courtyard Urns

Zev Fisher Photography

4. Sweet Floral Chuppah

Lisa Rigby Photography

Lisa Rigby Photography


5. Gold & Floral Outdoor Arch

Ali B Photography

Ali B Photography

6. Rustic Decorated Doors

The Spragues Photography

7. Traditional & Layered Church Decor

Molly Anne Photography

8. Floral Garland Gazebo

Root & Bud Weddings Photography

More than Flowers - Incorporating Fruits & Vegetables into a Design Plan

Who says your decor just has to be flowers?! Incorporating other elements into your event, party, or wedding flowers can add an element of novelty or even elegance to the overall design.

Elements like fruits and vegetables can tie your design plan together. They might hint towards a particular location. For example, lemons for a Mediterranean inspired event can add a fresh, bright pop of color and texture or Grapes for an event at a vineyard would pull in the surrounding landscape.

These additions may also ground the floral design in a particular theme. Mushrooms mixed with mosses, grasses, or twigs would create the feeling of a forest floor on the table for a rustic, outdoor themed wedding. Touches like berries or garden vegetables would be perfect for a sweet & refined garden party.

In other ways, the addition of fruits and vegetables to a floral design may simply be sentimental or aesthetic. Your first date was at a wine-tasting? Grapes of course! You simply love the natural texture of an artichoke, go for it!

Whatever your desire or inspiration the addition of fruits and vegetables may be an excellent and (delicious!) choice to incorporate into your overall design plan. Below, we have just a few of the many options to inspire you!

1. Grapes

Katie Slater Photography

Katie Slater Photography


2. Mushrooms

Broad Institute and aug photoshoot 031.jpg

3. Artichokes

Kristen Schhueler Photography

Kristen Schhueler Photography


4. Eggplant & Blackberries

Diane Sage Photography

Diane Sage Photography

5. Lemons


Real Wedding: T & R Sharon, Massachusetts Lakeside Wedding

Perfect September weather added to this gorgeous lakeside wedding in Sharon, MA. Shades of eggplant and plum flowers were layered for an organic, textured look. Elements like a suspended birch chuppah dripping with wisteria blossoms and orchids added a natural yet elegant touch. We drooled over the bride’s bouquet lush with creamy dahlias, delicate sweet pea, and rich purple calla lilies. But, nothing was more beautiful than the love you could see between this bride and groom! Congrats T & R! We were honored to design such a beautiful event!

Beautiful Photography by: Bailey Q Photo


Five Fall Bouquets to Fall in Love With

More and more couples are planning fall weddings. Fall is a beautiful time of year for a wedding when the weather is cooler, the leaves are turning, and rich earthy color palettes dominate design. Organic, more natural florals are a popular choice, with blossoms like dahlias, ranunculus, astilbe, and queen anne’s lace adding texture and depth. Greens like seeded eucalyptus and olive branches as well as berries are also a popular addition.

With color palette, inspiration can come from many places. Some are inspired by fall’s natural color change, bringing in rich yellows, deep reds, and pops of orange. Others aim for more greenery with pale sages and deep emeralds. Burgundy and wine palettes are another popular choice. Many couples choose a more subdued fall palette, selecting subtle blends of colors like champagne, cinnamon, coral, and lavender.

Here we’ve selected 5 fall bouquets with a mix beautiful blossoms and even greater inspiration. Which one is your favorite?

1. Rich Burgundy Dahlias with Olive & Queen Anne’s Lace

Emily Tebbetts Photography

Emily Tebbetts Photography

2. Cinnamon Roses with Dusty Miller and Coral Sprays

Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

Elizabeth LaDuca Photography

3. White Dahlias with Succulents and Viburnam Berries

Ashley O’Dell Photography

Ashley O’Dell Photography

4. Golden Orchids with Orange Dahlias and Burgundy Callas

Lea St. Germain Photography

Lea St. Germain Photography

5. Ivory Roses with Eucalyptus and Wax Flower

Stephanie Rita Photography

Stephanie Rita Photography

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