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10 Hair Flower Looks We Love

1. Succulent Barrette
Mixed with roses and eucalyptus this sweet, yet elegant barrette is gorgeous for an organic floral look. The subtle color and rich texture amplifies this bride's loose, tousled hair and elegant lace dress. (Lisa Rigby Photography)


2. Bohemian Floral Crown
With bold color and a mix of peonies, calla lilies and loose seeded eucalyptus this full crown floral look is boho chic. It pairs beautifully with this bride's beachy waves and her breezy lace dress. (Gallivan Photo)


3. Single Blossom
Simple and elegant. This single blossom garden rose tucks neatly into the bride's blonde updo. A garden rose is the perfect choice for a single blossom hair flower because of its soft, textural petals. (Molly Anne Photography)


4. Bold, Colorful Floral
This floral crown features bright pink peonies and deep green Italian ruscus. Peonies are a bold choice for hair flowers. They are large scale, show-stopper blossoms that are perfect for an over-the-top floral look. (Angelina Rose Photography)


5. Fresh Greens
Fresh greens like this all eucalyptus hair style is a lovely choice for a subtle, understated bridal look. The soft green color and texture from the berries of the seeded eucalyptus is simply gorgeous tucked in the bride's loosely pinned bun. (Emily Tebbetts Photography)


6. Spray Rose Cluster
For smaller hair blossoms spray roses are a fantastic choice. This cluster of blossoms features a mix of blush and coral spray roses. Balancing blossoms to one side creates an elegant focal point. For this bride, spray roses were tucked neatly into her side ponytail. (Tico & Red Photography)


7. Braided Blossoms
This look is boho and beachy. Loose cream spray roses were tucked into the bride's braid for a natural boho look. These hair flowers paired perfectly with the wedding's fun, laid-back vibe. (Brooke Ellen Photography)


8. Multiple Blossoms
This hair flower wedding look incorporates various blossoms. It started with a sweet phaleonopsis orchid and then was built out with a crimson dahlia and blush rosebuds. The flowers are pinned into the tightly knotted bun. (Juan Maclean Photography)


9. Statement Succulent Headband
This is surely a wow look! This bride wanted an over-the-top floral piece for her hair in shades of green to match her emerald bridal gown. We selected a large succulent and mixed greens to create the look. Because of its large scale, the succulents and greens were attached to a headband. (Stacie Kirkwood Photography)


10. Loose Twig Floral Crown
This boho floral crown hangs naturally in the bride's hair. The flowers and greens are strung loosely on a twig base. Bright yellow flowers provide a sweet, flirty pop of color. Pure sunshine! (Angelina Rose Photography)

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