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Rainy-Day Weddings: Luckier than you think!

"Rain is just confetti from the sky" 

No bride or groom ever checks the forecasts and wishes for rain on their wedding day, but as is commonly said a rainy wedding day is lucky, and we totally agree! What's the luck in rain you ask? In some cultures rain stands to symbolize fertility, renewal, and unity. For the specifics of your wedding day it means great photos, fun accessories (rain boots & umbrella, anyone?!), and lots of great memories. Overcast days are great days for photography. The light is soft, the colors are saturated. Also props like umbrellas and rain boots make for extra cute, super fun photos.

Your wedding day is about you & your partner. It's about celebrating your love. So no matter the weather, rain or shine, it will be a day filled with joy, love, and happiness. (And who knows, maybe you'll even see a rainbow!)

To celebrate beautiful rainy-day weddings we are sharing some fun inspiration photos!

Sarah Weston Photography

Sarah Weston Photography

Anne Lee Photography

Anne Lee Photography

Anne Lee Photography

Anne Lee Photography

Katie Hall Photography

Katie Hall Photography



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Coming Up Roses

Photography by Kjeld Mahoney

Roses are a much-loved wedding blossom, symbolic of love and beauty. Available in a number of sizes, varieties and colors, roses are a popular flower choice for weddings—from centerpieces to bouquets and boutonnieres. For this bouquet series, Kelly Dolloff from Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio designed three beautiful bouquets at different price points that incorporate several types and colors of roses.



Flowers and foliage pair to create a rustic and natural look. Olive greens, eucalyptus and plumosa are distinctly textural, while also providing a fresh pop of greenery. Pale pink traditional roses, Queen Anne’s lace, calcynia and freesia are classic blossom choices that add a romantic touch.





This bouquet is packed with roses and plenty of color. Fronds of eucalyptus complement a tight mix of white majolica, hot majolica, and Ilse spray roses. Spray roses are known for their multi-blossom stems, which are miniature versions of the traditional rose. Their smaller size and many blossoms ensure a look that is both delicate and textural.





A favorite among brides, wedding designers and Dolloff herself, garden roses (featured here) are lush and fragrant, and add elegance to any bouquet design. Compared to traditional roses, garden roses have a fuller bloom and open with layers upon layers of delicate petals, making them show-stopping blossoms. The blush garden roses in this bouquet pair perfectly with a stunning mix of white ranunculus, dusty miller, stephanotis, mother of pearl succulent vines and maidenhair ferns.



Artistic Blossoms Floral Design Studio

Designer Spotlight: Victoria

Get to know Artistic Blossoms! As part of our blog series, we will be interviewing various members of the AB Team over the course of the year to get insights on their tastes and interests! Be sure to check in on the blog in the following months for more insider details!

For our second Designer Spotlight, we sat down with Victoria in the studio to ask her questions about her job and the flower trends of 2017.

Michael Sparks Keegan Photography

Michael Sparks Keegan Photography

What's your job at Artistic Blossoms?

I am a designer at AB as well as manage the Artistic Blossoms website, blog, and social media. Even though I'm in New York City, I split my time between New York and Boston to get back and design.

The Magician, 2016

The Magician, 2016

What are you doing in New York City? 

Art! I am currently in my last year of my MFA in sculpture. I do installation based work and have a studio in Tribeca. My experience and education as an artist has a huge impact on my work with flowers (and vice versa). Sometimes I even use fresh elements in my art installations!

What do you think about Pantone's Color of the Year for 2017?

I think Greenery is a fresh and luscious color for 2017. It is a color that will translate well with florals. Adding lots of fun textured greens like ferns or banana leaves, green hydrangea, and succulents will add rich natural warmth to any floral display. Bring on the green!

Hinkley Photo

Hinkley Photo

What's the best way to make a table setting truly unique?

Other than beautiful blossoms, I think a vase or vessel can take any centerpiece to the next level. I personally love mercury glass, because it is elegant and delicately reflective. If you have candles mixed on the table, the light shimmers against the mercury glass. I happen to love any metallic touches. 

What’s your favorite trend for 2017?

Bridal Magazines are saying color is going to make a comeback in 2017. I say, woo hoo! I love color and there are so many beautiful blossoms out there in an array of colors. I think for weddings or events, rich palettes can create a look that is fun, while still elegant. Don't get me wrong, subtle palettes are beautiful but color has personality! 

What's the best part of your job?  

Working with my mom and sister. They are so incredibly talented and it is such a gift to get to work with them. We always have fun designing and the AB studio is always filled with laughter and good energy.  

Camille and I also have a fun behind the scenes instagram account called Daughters of AB , be sure to check us out @daughtersofab

EMAIL:   |   PHONE:   781.837.6251   |   LOCATE:  Private Studio Marshfield, MA  &  162 Newbury St. Boston, MA   copyright 2018. all rights reserved.    (background photo by Ashley O'Dell Photography)