Real Wedding Tip: Choosing your Bridesmaids Bouquets

You’ve asked your best friends, they’ve picked out their dresses, now let’s talk flowers! Bridesmaids are a huge aspect of your wedding day. They are your support system when you’re getting ready and the beaming smiles standing next to you at the alter. When it comes to selecting the flowers and bouquet style for your bridesmaids, there are countless options and ideas for what to do.

The two most important aspects to consider when selecting bridesmaids blossoms are:
1. The color and style of their dresses
2. The bride’s bouquet and dress

Flowers should compliment your attire, consider them a kind of accessory. With this in mind, the style of the bouquet and the color of the bouquet should compliment the dresses. Bridesmaid’s bouquets should also play off of and/or compliment the aesthetics of the bride’s bouquet. In photographs when you are all lined up, the bouquets create a visual cohesion between you.

Now there is always room to break the rules, so whatever you pick or however decide to style your wedding it will be just that, your wedding! Below are some examples of bridesmaids looks and the flowers that complimented them!

1. All White with Organic & Natural Florals

For this look the bride and her bridal party were all in white. White blossoms with greenery kept a clean color palette in the flowers as well. To create visual interest against the simple palette we amplified texture and shape. Multi-petaled blossoms like ranunculus, hydrangea, and sweet veronica created the texture and a loose, gathered shape with spilling greens added to the look.

C&C Design Studios

C&C Design Studios

2. Round & Compact with Touches of Pink

For this look the bride pulled the soft pink color from her girls’ dresses into her bridal bouquet. The bridesmaids’ bouquets are a smaller version of the bride’s but include more touches of white (pulling from the bride’s gown). This visual interplay creates a cohesive, compact look.


3. Coordinating Blossoms, Variant Shape

For this wedding party, phalaenopsis orchids are the connective element. The white blossoms have a vivid pop against the navy dresses. A contemporary & compact design for the bridesmaid’s bouquets creates contrast against the bride’s naturally flowing bouquet. This contrast is also seen in the bride’s white, textured gown compared to the dark and simple bridesmaid’s dresses.

Lauren Methia Photography

Lauren Methia Photography

4. Monochromatic Coral

This bridal party kept color cohesive with slight changes in the dress styles. For flowers we matched the bright coral color using garden roses and peonies. For the bride’s bouquet we also selected coral blossoms to carry the color through. Keeping things monochromatic is a traditional choice as well as a visually impactful one.

George Street Photography

George Street Photography

5. Pale Palette with a Pop of Color

This bride chose a soft champagne color for her bridesmaid’s gowns. The real color story came out in the flower selection. Moody pink & red tones added a sultry elegance to the overall look. By selecting a quieter color for the dresses, the bride had more ability to play with flower choice and color in her design plan.


6. Coordinating Bouquets with Contrasting Color

This bridal party holds an exact but smaller version of the bride’s all-white bouquet. With it’s larger size, her bouquet stands apart from the rest but the other “mini-me’s” coordinate. The contrast comes to play in the size of the bouquet as well as the color of the bridesmaids’ gowns. A rich eggplant stands out from the white.

Zev Fisher Photography

Zev Fisher Photography

7. Mixing Solids & Patterns

This unique bridal party has mixed dresses. Half of the bridesmaids are wearing black and the other half has an all-over floral print. Even though the dresses differ, their bouquets are consistent. The added texture of greenery and loose shape brings life to the black dresses and plays off of the patterned ones. The bride carries a similarly textured bouquet with all creme blossoms.


8. Pulling in Extra Color

This final look harnesses the soft blues from the bridesmaids gowns but also pulls in a fresh shade of pink. By introducing a new color to the palette, we created create visual depth in the overall look. The bride also pulled slight touches of both the blue and pink into her bouquet with a larger focus on the white shades.


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